Saturday, April 16, 2005

Birds in the Trees

I took the dog for a walk along the inlet trail at Rocky Point this morning. It's really beautiful there right now. Everything is green and wet and you can't see the traffic, just trees and bushes and the tip of the inlet and the estuary and the creek. I rounded a bend and heard a strange noise up high in the treetops, something like the sound it makes when you pull a hatchet out of wood that's still a bit damp, only it repeated in staccato rhythm. It was a really piercing and distinctive sound. I looked up and saw two bald eagles way up high on the top of two tall trees, side by side. The one that was making the noise kept shifting and flouncing around, and that treetop swayed and bounced. The other bird seemed to be listening, then it raised up and flew off to another tree top a dozen meters or more away. The noisy one stayed put and kept cackle-acking and shimmying that treetop.

We have a lot of eagles around here. Sometimes there's one in the morning, in a treetop when I go out to walk the dog. What's best is when they fly. They are enormous, and they hardly flap at all, just glide, glide, glide.

That was my excitement for today. Accc-ackkk-gweek!

Question: have you seen them too?

mompoet - perched a lot lower but still swaying

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