Monday, April 11, 2005

One More Bug

I just thought of one more awful speech mannerism...

It's when a person tells you something by asking him/herself a question, then immediately answering the question:

"Do I think the Liberals will be re-elected in May? Yes, I think they will." Instead of just saying, "I think the Liberals will be re-elected."

It's especially annoying when done in sequence:

"Do I know what's wrong with my car? No, I do not. Do I wish I had taken it for a tuneup last month? Maybe, but I wanted to wait for a coupon. Looking back, do I regret procrastinating? Well, I guess I do." Arrrrggggg!!!

In this mannerism there is an implication that the listener should have been a better listener, maybe asked more questions about whatever the speaker is on about, thus eliminating the need for self-questioning. Mostly it feels like the talker likes the sound of his own voice. Or maybe he thinks he is two people?

Okay, enough about what bugs me. It's a perfect transition into boring, but I want to do a Sound Journal post before I launch into boring. I've been listening to my friend Marnie's selection: Great Big Sea.

Question: am I the only one who notices these things? or maybe the only one bothered by them?

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Jo Anne Ryeburn said...

how about people who start mouthing what you are saying as you talk and finally vocalize your final words as you finish?

Me: I hate having people repeat my words.
Mouther: starts moving lips with "people" and audibly comes out with "my words" as I finish.