Saturday, April 16, 2005

On with the Shows

Alice in Wonderland opens this week at the middle school. Of 4 performances, our daughter can make only 2 because the others conflict with final rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast which opens later this week at The ACT in Maple Ridge. Because of rehearsal rules (no moms and dads allowed) we have seen nothing of either show. We'll just get to see Alice once, but we'll know Beast off by heart by the time it closes on May 1.

Lindbjerg Academy double-casts its shows, partly so every actor has a double who can take his or her place in case of illness, also so twice as many actors get main parts, and finally so everyone gets a chance to understand the importance of both lead and chorus roles. Our daughter is playing Maurice (that's Belle's dad) on the nights when she has a lead role. On alternating nights she is a silly girl and a fork. She tells me that the chorus members have divided into cliques according to what kind of cutlery they will play in the "Be our Guest" number. She tells me that forks are superior to spoons and plates. I am so glad that she is playing a fork. It would be so disappointing not to have prongs.

In the middle of all this, she will compete in the Kiwanis music festival in two solo vocal classes. She has been in music competitions before, but only in ensemble classes. This will be her first time competing by herself and receiving ranking and adjudication bases solely on her own performance. She's a good singer and a confident performer, so I'm sure she'll be just fine. I'm especially proud that she has resisted singing songs that are too old for her. Her vocal coach has helped with this. Nobody wants a little American Idol wannabee.
There will be a time in her life for torchy, sexy songs....later.

Anyhow, the next couple of weeks will be full of good shows and lots of driving and packing sandwiches to eat on the way and lots of hanging around in the theatre waiting and/or helping.

Then in May it's the really big show - the provincial election. I'm glad that's not happening at exactly the same time, but I know which I'd choose if I had to.

Question: why do good things overlap so much?

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