Sunday, April 24, 2005

Four times in two hours

The summer of the Coaster has begun. I rode it 4 times today. Yup, in two hours. We activated our Playland passes today, then hit the rides for a couple hours. The longest wait we had was for our photo ID. After that we rode and rode and rode. The Corkscrew, Enterprise, Music Express (sentimental favourite), Splash Zone and Hellevator. I think the Hellevator is a near perfect ride, and it all happens before it even begins. That sensation of sitting there waiting to be propelled up the tower is so sickeningly wonderful I can hardly stand it. From the top the view is breathtaking, and zero gravity for a moment during the descent is cool, but sitting sweaty at the bottom, just waiting, is what that ride is really all about.

Of course, the very best is the Coaster. There's just nothing like a wooden roller coaster. I love the clacketa-clacketa and the swoop and jerk. I adore the way it looks like something your kooky neighbour built in his backyard then begged you to try. It's also the first roller coaster I ever rode. I think I was about 15 years old. I must have gone on it at least 100 times since then.
I don't know if I'll make it to my goal of 100 rides in one season by the time the park closes in October, but I'll sure have fun trying. I rode solo for my first 2 times, which is absolutely perfect. When you ride with someone else, you keep looking at that person and sharing the "It's okay to scream, because he's screaming," or "Let's laugh like maniacs TOGETHERRRRR!" But solo you have to do what it is you want to do in response to the ride. And if you scream or laugh like a maniac it is an authentic and wholly self-owned thing. I did both.

Rides I am still thinking about: Hell's Gate (is this the year I give in and try it?) and two new rides promised for June: Break Dance and Gladiator.

Rides I will miss: Tilt'a'Whirl and Octopus, especially the Octopus. That was such a good ride. I laughed until I peed my pants on that ride once. Tilt'a'Whirl will mostly be missed by our daughter. I'm a tiny bit glad it's gone. I found out that even a tame ride can make you want to barf if you ride it 16 times in a row with a daughter who loves it.

Rides I just can't do: Crazy Beach Party (I tried it once. Too swoopy. Almost oooopy.) Wave Swinger (Too loose and too many flying shoes) Mad Mouse (so decrepit and creekity it's like a horror house in broad daylight, and those tiny little cars are just freaky)

Husband and son had a great time too, even when we got drenched on the log ride (we dried off on the Coaster). Daughter will go next time. She had a show. I think we picked the right summer to get passes.

By the way, the Enterprise (by a different name at the time) is the ride that made my bra disassemble itself in the true life poem "Exploding Brassiere." That was a long time ago but I remember it every time I go on that ride. To be safe, I rode solo. I have a more trustworthy bra now, but the same guy (now my husband). The possibility of a repeat is just too risky, and this time I might not be lucky enough to find the amazing and kindly Bra Fairy.

question: is this too silly for a 43 year old mom?

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Wynn Bexton said...

Hi, oh you are so brave! Won't catch me on any of those things. The merry-go-round at Burnaby Heritage Park is my fave.
Do you know who this is? Irene's friend Ruth. See my blog spots:
(Living the writer's Life) and
"Conversations with Myself."
Nice to find people here you know! I've met up with several other writers.

mompoet said...

I love that carousel too! If you sit sidesaddle on an outside horse it's pretty fast and a bit slippery! Don't worry about finding rides scary. I get shaky on the ferris wheel when it's loading, especially if someone is swinging the car and laughing. YIKES!