Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pope Daydream

If I say this, maybe it will go away...

Last week somebody told me that consideration was given to burying the Pope's heart in Poland, and the rest of him in St. Peter's Basilica. Turns out they didn't after all, but the idea has just kept bugging me.

I understand that it's Polish tradition to return the hearts of beloved and famous Poles to their native land for burial. It's just that I never heard of that before. I kept imagining...

Anyway, here's the picture, and the words: Somehow everytime I thought about "Pope's heart," the works morphed into "Pop Tart." Then I imagined the Pope, lying in state, kind of buzzing like an old toaster. Then a Pop Tart popped out of his chest and somebody took it and carried it away to be sent to Poland.

I guess I should try to get more sleep.

Question: Pope Tart?

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