Saturday, September 25, 2004


Just finished Oracle Night. The end is brutal, but worth it. I fell asleep reading it sometime around 1:30am, and got up to finish it at 7. Good book. Paul Auster has 8 novels (I read the jacket notes after finishing the story). I will read some more.

Publication Committee meeting in Whonnock was excellent. We chose our cover art and design and had some fun writing our bios on the spot, in haiku and limerick form. Here's my haiku bio

oak leaf shout HEAVEN!
moving rock pairs and triads
sun-warmed gully splash

I tried to do a limerick bio but I couldn't get past the word Nantucket.

We have shortened the title to Road to Hell, and I got my first look at the story by that title. It's surreal and wonderful. This will be a very good book.

Today is Saturday. Fast-growing boy needs haircut. Winter clothes lurk in attic. Litter box is singing a loud nose-jazz from its room in the basement. Better deal with it before the cat breaks out to scat-sing in random corners.

Question: how would you tell yourself in 17 syllables?

mompoet - not enough sleep but energized by autumn air

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