Saturday, September 18, 2004

One more stab at shameless self-promotion

I will perform at the Poets' Corner at Word on the Street on Sunday, September 26 at Library Square in downtown Vancouver. If you like books, magazines, reading and writing, the whole day will be so much fun for you. It's all free, and there's so much to do and see that you'll wish you were three people.

This will be my third year at Poet's corner. In 2002 I was chosen to read as an emerging poet. I was part of a group of 4 poets who where invited to read along with an established poet during one of the 5 sets that day. My friends Irene Livingston and Jim Thompson read too. I had so much fun that I asked if I could volunteer the following year. Steve Duncan, one of the venue's organizers, asked me to be venue coordinator. For Poets' Corner 2003, I spent pretty much the whole day at the tent, welcoming hosts and poets, taking photographs, handing back submission packages, making sure hosts had bios, and making sure the features got their cheques and everyone got thank-yous and any support or hospitality that they needed. It was great. The previous year I had felt a bit overwhelmed by the largeness of the event. I don't do well with sensory overload. I hate smorgasbords, detest shopping malls and do not like to listen to music while I read or write. One thing at a time, full blast, best-you-can-get and really do it. That's me. Not some of this, some of that, not enough to even get an idea then on to the next. Staying at the Poet's Corner I felt like the pivot of a glorious pinwheel of poets, writers, readers and friends. It was busy and exciting and filled me to the brim with one excellent variety of happy and good.

So this year I have volunteered again to be venue coordinator. Then Steve asked if I would also like to feature. I felt scared at first. The other features have books of poetry published. They are well-known names in the poetry/lit community. Who was I to be a feature? I even emailed Steve to tell him if he changed his mind that was okay. But he very quickly and kindly said that he was sure they wanted me to feature.

So I am volunteering all day, then on at 4pm to perform some of my poetry, along with 4 talented poets, host RC Weslowski and even a back-up band! Johnny Frem phoned me earlier this week to ask if I would like his band, The Liars of Orpheus, to play along while I do my poems. Again, I felt frightened. What if I look like an idiot? But then I remembered that I like to do new things that I haven't tried before. I don't bungie-jump or rock-climb or gamble. So this is my chance to take a step beyond my comfort zone. And Johnny is such a good guy and a talented musician. I know for sure it will be very cool.

So I hope you'll come to Word on the Street and for sure to Poets' Corner and maybe even to see me perform at 4pm. It will be fun.

Question: Do you like smorgasbords or small plates? Bungie jumps or leaps of faith?

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