Friday, September 24, 2004

Good good good

Many good things today...

Shoreline Publication Committee tonight. We'll drive out to Whonnock to have supper at Helmi's and work on our chapbook together. My poems are shaping up just fine, as well as the stories that I am involved in readying for the book. It's going to be our best yet. The whole evening is always very nourishing physically, intellectually and spiritually. It's a long drive out, so we laugh and relax together. The meal is always fabulous. Then the conversation, working together on the book and sharing impressions of life in general. ahhhhh

Eggplant last night. By the time I got home, my husband had cooked supper, so the kids ate at 6:15, but I spent some time with a certain eggplant that I bought the other day, and made my fall favourite. The recipe is in Moosewood Low Fat cookbook. It is simple and good, basically a pasta sauce made with onions, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, mushrooms and roasted eggplant. mmmmmm

Two days until Word on the Street. I have my set prepared and poems memorized. Last night I worked on a surprise. hee hee hee

A new book. I am reading Paul Auster's Oracle Night. It's very good. There's a story inside a story, inside a story (!) and some kind of metaphysical mystery happening about a writer who seems to disappear when he writes in a particual notebook. I'm discovering it as I go. For the first time in a long time I have picked up a book about which I know nothing. Nobody I know has read this book. I have not read a review. I didn't even read the jacket notes. I began reading it the other night very late. My husband was sleeping so I tiptoed into bed and used my little book light to read. I went straight to page one, skipping any synopsis-peek, which was very cool. It was such a mysterious way to begin a new story - silently, in pitch darkness, with a small light revealing one page at a time. Now I'm determined to enjoy this read all on my own. So if you have read it, don't talk to me about it please, until I'm finished. shhhhhh

Day off work. Both kids are home on Pro-D, so I arranged the day off. I love my job for many reasons, but its flexibility is at the top of the list. I worked a couple of longs days earlier this week, so can take this day off for free. The kids and I plan to go to a movie, which will seem extra decadent because the sun is shining today. But first, I have to bake a plum cake for Helmi's place. Tra la la

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