Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Falling into It

First day of school went smoothly. Our 11 year old spent an hour at middle school. Our 14 year old spent 2 1/2 at secondary. Both are at new schools this fall, with new routines to learn, a step up for each in terms of independence and academic challenge and opportunities for new activities, new friends, and new anxieties. Both children seemed pretty positive today. Tomorrow may be another story as classes will begin. We're hoping no homework until next week, but you never know.

I'm super-tired, and not too inspired to do my journal tonight because of all the fun I had last night at the poetry slam. there were some great new poets on stage and an enthusiastic crowd. Graham, the regular slam host, was back after spending some time away from the stage nesting with his wife and their new baby. Barbara Adler was the feature poet. She is so good! Check out one of her poems here. Her cd is out now and it's great. You can get a copy most nights at The Vancouver Poetry Slam. You'll notice from the listing, the slam begins at 9pm, which is early evening if you are 22 or something but makes for a late night for someone like me, almost twice that age. I got home around midnight, and fell into bed at 12:30, but it was worth it!

The tile floor looks great! The guys will put in the grout on Thursday, then the furniture can go back and the dining room is done (except for molding around the edges which will come later). My husband showed me a couple of mistakes in the tiling that I never would have noticed. I suggested that he just not show them to anyone, and accept the compliments he's sure to get. It's phenomenal what he and his friend did all on their own. They should enjoy people's appreciation and not worry about insignificant imperfections. But most of us are like that, aren't we? For example:

Mr. Admiring: Hey, long time no see! You're looking good!
She: Not really, I've gained a few pounds.
(Now what is poor Mr. Admiring supposed to say? "Hmm, I beg to differ. let's step over to the scale." or "Oh yeah, baby, that's what I meant. I love voluptuous women." or more likely "Errrp!" followed by a hasty retreat.)

Here's another one:

Nice Neighbour: Your kid is really playing that saxophone better and better. We hear him practising at night.
Mom: Oh, I'm sorry. Is the noise bothering you?

Here's another:

Gracious Gourmand: MMMMM! This is the best chili I've ever tasted. What's your secret?
Faux Chef: I bought it at Costco.

Get over it! A compliment is a gift! Practise this:

Mr. Admiring: Hey, long time no see. You're looking great!
She: Thank you very much. What a nice thing for you to say. You're looking pretty good too. How's your new job?

Nice Neighbour: I enjoyed listening to Bobby's saxophone last night. He's getting better on that horn.
Mom: Wow, he'll feel so good when I tell him you said that. Thanks for the encouragement!

Gracious Gourmand: Mmmmm..this is the best chili...
Faux Chef: I love it too. Thanks! You want some more?

Try it. Accepting a compliment is like giving a gift in return.

How did I get here from the first day of school? I don't know. I will compliment myself and say that whatever I start on, I get somewhere else, even if I'm not sure how, but that's good.

Hello pillow, goodby keyboard. Happy beginning everyone.

Question: are you better at dishing or catching compliments?

mompoet - scattered, tattered and back in the September groove.

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mompoet said...

My encouraging friend sent a comment on this post in answer to my question, are you better at dishing or receiving compliments?:

I've tried to learn to be good at both and to stop denying a compliment and to graciously accept it. I also try to compliment people when I think of it, not wait till later, and wish I had spoken up. I agree that people need to be much better at giving and receiving compliments. Nice blog mompoet!