Monday, September 20, 2004

New Season, New Look

Hey wait! It's me! mompoet! I just look different. There are a couple dozen templates from which to choose, so I'm changing my blog's look for fall. I like to change things frequently so that I continue to actually see them. If it's the same for too long my brain sort of glosses over and I miss interesting details. It's not like I move everything around in my kitchen cupboards, or put my pillow at the foot of the bed, but I do like to sit in a different seat at the table, switch my telephone and pencil jar around on my desk and take a different route when I go for a walk. There are so many ways to see the world, why would I always choose the same perspective?

So Tuesday is the first day of fall. In one way that's very exciting - new beginnings, new projects, groups re-forming, kids grown taller over the summer, and that tang in the air of authentic ripening, fermentation and glorious rot. Before everything freezes it gets very damp mushy and aromatic in such an intriguing way.

In some ways I dislike fall, but not for the usual reasons. My dislike has to do with the equinox versus the solstice, and a fundamental disdain for balance. I don't like delicate things, or fine things. German wine is boring. Subtle nuances are confounding. Enigmatic smiles are annoying. I like big, bold and intense, so I crave the solstice, high acidity, big personalities and black/white dichotomies. I can handle the in-between, but given my druthers, I'll go with the definite. I'd even rather listen to someone be adamantly wrong than tentatively correct. Yeah!

September 21 is just fine. Only 90 or so days to the real day - December 21 - long dark night, mystery, stark contrast between indoor and outdoor atmosphere. Yes. I can hardly wait.

Question: Fulcrum or precipice?

mompoet - not in the middle if I can help it

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mompoet said...

This from my Dad:

Precipice! Or did I have to tell you?

Dad (it's in the genes, and you got a double dose)