Saturday, September 25, 2004


I took the kids to see Napoleon Dynamite today. Wow! We loved it. My 11 year-old got bored for a few minutes in the middle, but was very happy with it by the end. Fourteen year old son and I loved it from start to finish, including the extra scene that runs after the credits. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it. The movie is about a boy named Napoleon Dynamite who is the ultra-misfit in his Idaho high school. It doesn't have a conventional plot arc, which is a plus in my books. It's less like the Mad Mouse and more like the Dumbo ride, with weird and wonderful characters riding in all of the elephants. There's some grim humour, including a scene with a farmer shooting a cow in front of a school bus full of children, but on the whole it's optimistic and sweet. My Shoreline friend thought it was funny that I called the movie "sweet," but I told him he is not somebody's mom, so I can understand why he wouldn't see it that way. I think there's a bit of dynamite in all of us, and you should never pass up a movie where the big romantic breakthrough is the boy saying to the girl, "I brought you a delicious bass." It'll be out on video pretty soon I bet, but go see it at Tinseltown while it's still there, if you have a chance.

I am up really late, so I'll go to bed now and read some more of Oracle Night before sleep.

Question: Did you ever try the Dumbo ride?

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