Monday, September 13, 2004

interactive or inert?

So now that I've given the mompoet url to about a million friends, well, 16 or 17 at last count, I'm wondering who's actually reading the darn thing. So please let me know by posting a comment. That's different from emailing the link as some friends have done. You have to register with blogger, but I have done so and I'm still getting the same number of spam ads as before for university degrees and penis enlargement. Now, if somebody would just combine those two offers, I think I might be interested.

So please consider posting a comment. Just go down to the bottom of my post where it says "0 comments," click on it and then click on "post a comment." It will lead you through registering. You can use an assumed name or a presumed name or a subsumed name. It will be fun. I'll know you are there.

Question: Why the heck not?

mompoet-oet-oet-oet-oet-oet (echoing in the void)

1 comment:

mompoet said...

Hi mompoet! This is mompoet! I'm here and so are you. Happy navel-gazing!