Friday, September 24, 2004

Really 42 (I see)

For the very first time in my life I had to take my glasses off to read. Sure, it was dim light (we were waiting for the movie to begin) but yes, I took them off, and I could see clearly again. Old eyes. Lucky though, to have seen so many things along the way to this day, and looking forward to seeing many more. Lucky also to have extended medical coverage (bifocals are expensive).

Question - Are your arms still long enough?

mompoet - aging gratefully

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From just down the road! said...

Mompoet, aren't I just so lucky to have friends going through the stages of life with me. Last month if I took my glasses off I could read. Now if I take my glasses off -- hold my arms out -- if the light is really good -- and the text isn't itty bitty -- I can read.I had best get myself to the eye doctor before next month! So, if we get bifocals together at 42 just what will do for 43?