Friday, September 17, 2004

Radio Me Soon

Steve Duncan invited me to be a guest on Wax Poetic this coming Wednesday. The show is on Coop Radio 102.7fm at 2pm every Wednesday. It's always fun to listen to this show. Local poets, visiting poets, long poets, haiku gurus, anarchists, eyebrow worshippers...everything except bureaucrats and hallmark card writers. But maybe they have had those and I just missed those shows. But I try not to. Anyway, please tune in to hear me say:

I thought it was a ZIT!

and other totally scintillating and mostly anti-lectual poetry. I get to talk for about 25 minutes which can be dangerous. Steve and Diane are the hosts. RC works the sound and does the announcements. It's a friendly place for a poet to play. I'm glad they invited me.

Question: Do you watch the radio? Do you listen to television?

mompoet - going to watch 7 day videos from the coupon book before September is over

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