Sunday, September 19, 2004


Woke up Saturday with so much to do. It had been three weeks since I have cleaned the house, and the dog is shedding again, so obviously, I had some mucking out to do. Husband and kids help of course, but I am the captain of the bucket brigade. 11 year old daughter needed clothing for beginning of dance auditions Monday so we had to go to the mall too. There were about a googolplex other things from sending in claim forms for this month's orthodontist bill to planning my Sunday Church School class program from now until the beginning of Advent. I resorted to my tried-and-true and made a list. It works every time. Helps me stay on track and gives me satisfaction as I cross off, cross off, cross off. Somehow it makes me feel like I'm on top of things more.

I did get lots done including the most satisfying: working on my three pieces for this year's Shoreline Writers' Society chapbbook. I will contribute three poems, and I had feedback from one of my editors. I also did some work on the short stories given to me by the two members for whom I am editor. The stories are so good and so funny that I was giggling and shouting while I sat at the table, and my kids kept saying, "WHAT!!???" until I stopped and read them the works in progress, then they understood. My friends have written two great stories. The book will be ready in December. I'll have gift and sale copies ready for Christmas, and we'll try to do some promotional readings in the new year.

The toaster just said "ding" and there is peanut butter, a banana and fresh coffee waiting. I know what I want to do.

Question: Do you list?

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