Monday, September 06, 2004


My husband and his friend have been working on the dining room floor since 8:30 this morning. It's looking really good. When the job's done it will be spectacular! This day is more placid than I thought it would be for a few reasons:

  • The kids overdosed on "out of the house" at the PNE yesterday, so they are content to stay home, read, play computer, watch tv, walk the dog, label school supplies etc. with a minimum of mom-tertainment.
  • The men-folk decided to focus only on the dining room. They moved the bookcases and table and chairs to other parts of the house, but they left my kitchen exactly as it is. I can cook, send email, feed the animals etc. When they do the kitchen they'll have to move the fridge and stove and disconnect the computer. Then I'll be out of sorts. This won't happen until some time in October as our handy friend is going to Japan and China next weekend. Hmmm, maybe if we offer him turkey dinner at my Mom's house he'll spend Thanksgiving here, finishing the project.
  • We must be ready for school because the kids are being friendly and helpful. This is a sign of feeling okay with the world.
  • I'm happy because I'm going out to the Vancouver Poetry Slam tonight. I always feel good when I'm looking forward to something.
With no prospect of the mall (shhhh...don't say the word out loud) in sight I am puttering happily, listening to bad puns, cooking grill cheese sandwiches and enjoying my home and family.

Tra la la

Question: What does a peaceful day sound, look, feel like to you?

mompoet - blissful in a non-imposing sort of way

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mompoet said...

This from my neighbourhood friend (mom to an 11 year old who attends school with my daughter):

One weekend when my son was four he said we'd had a perfect day. I asked what made it perfect and he said, "We didn't even start the car." I agreed. Still do.