Saturday, April 01, 2006

keep it or chuck it - turbo giraffe

Two items today for your consideration. The giraffe belongs to our daughter, who purchased it a few years ago at the neighbourhood garage sale. For various complicated reasons it cannot be re-sold at a garage sale. It lives in the basement with item #2, the exercise bike. This must be the quintessential unused household object and yes, we have one.


Plush giraffe stuffed toy approximately 4 feet tall propped up. Takes up the same space as a large dog when flopped on the ground. Too big for a windowsill. Well-used but no rips, loose bits or unstuffed areas. Smells good. Value: purchased used for $10 five years ago. Secret powers: at night it comes to life and loads the dishwasher, but it also eats all of the After 8 Mints unless you hide them very well.

Sturdy exercise bike approximately 10 years old. Used 4 times. Digital display never worked. Tension adjustment and seat raise/lower work great. Weighs approximately 492kg. Useful as a rack for drying fine handwashables. Approximate value: purchased new for about $200 10 years ago. Today it would cost more to haul out of the house than we could ever ask for it. Secret powers: constructed of super-densified materials that are so heavy they must disprove all laws of physics. Worthy of scientific study. Failing that, if the aliens ever come, you could put this in front of the door, and the aliens would never be able to break down the door. Also good for hanging your bras up to dry.

Now you tell me, please...

Chuck it? or Keep it?

mompoet - co-existing with way too much stuff


Carol said...

Chuck the Giraffe (that could be his name)
I can't believe that you don't use the bike! I think you should keep it and try using it for a month. It would save time and gas instead of going to the gym.

mompoet said...

Carol, your suggestion is very sensible, but I love the fun and challenge of exercising together. At home I think I'd slack off too much and look like Turbo Giraffe.

Lazy Daisy said...

I'd chunk both....anything taking up valuble real estate that could be used for something you would use of enjoy is already costing you (just for storage!) Can you donate the giraffe to the church nursery or anyone decorating a child's room with a Noah's Ark theme.

I am so with you about the gym. Being a social creature I look for the interaction with people, giggling and moans and groans. Just getting it out of your basement will probably be enough exercise for one day!

Did I miss out....what happened to the jean jacket and swans? Was there at least a eulogy?

mompoet said...

Thanks Daisy, I have not taken action on any of this junk yet. More fun to muse about it than to actually move on it. Garage sale comes in May, so most will probably end up there. I'll try to write a tribute to it before it goes.

Emily said...

Do you have a local freecycle in your area? is a good way to unload the unloadable. Personally, I'd keep the Giraffe and dress him up for the holidays...or any old day. Bikes come in use for those rainy/snowy days you can't get out but want to move. And yes, I am a pack rat...sort of. ; )(actually, I'm an artist...which validates being a pack rat).