Monday, April 24, 2006

boogie division of the dork squad

Tomorrow I'm going to try Nordic Walking. I signed up for a 3-week intro class for city employees. Boy, I am already layers deep in dork-dom. Fiona says I should wear a shirt that says "Dork Squad," with my dork name on the back. She says my dork name is Suzie Dorklesmith.

I am trying dork walking, I mean Nordic walking, because it looks intriguingly dorkish. I have seen ladies walking along the path beside the golf course, swinging their arms with what look like ski poles. It's supposed to be a humdinger of a workout. We have a super-expert Nordic Walker to teach us how to walk fast with poles. Me and the other city employees every Tuesday at lunchtime for 3 weeks.

I cross-country skied a lot when I was a kid. I don't think I'll need to kick and glide, or herringbone, and telemark turns are probably redundant when you are walking down the street with a bunch of dorks. This will be fun.

question: what's the name of the movie where Dan Aykroyd race-walks for fitness?

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Carol said...

Have fun!