Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Good Body

We all went downtown to see The Good Body last night - Mom, and Michele, and Kirsi, and Karen and Cathy and me. The show was good and funny and true. It's a one-woman show by Eve Ensler who created The Vagina Monologues. She plays about a dozen different characters, including herself, talking about how women think and feel about their bodies. After the show, we were invited backstage to meet Eve. We thought there'd be other people but it was just us and one friend who went back to see her. Eve was warm and gracious, although she must have been exhausted after the performance. She asked me to recite "I love my thighs" which I did, with the help of my good friends. What a treat!

I hope this does for bellies and boobs and butts what The Vagina Monologues did for vaginas. The point of the play is that when we walk around fixated on body-loathing we miss the world. "Look up. Look out." It's something good to think on.

question: what's your favourite part?

mompoet - great wrists, awesome thighs

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