Saturday, April 01, 2006

Vote for the Canadian Poetry Face Off Champion April 3-11

Voting opens for the CBC Poetry Face Off on Monday April 3 and continues to midnight Tuesday April 11. Please check out the updated website. It's where you can vote, and also where you can listen to clips from all of the finalists' poems.

The poems will be re-broadcast April 3-7 on CBC AM690 11:30amPDT. My poem is scheduled to be aired on Tuesday, April 4. I hope you'll listen in! Here's the url for listening to CBC Radio online. Just click on site #23 - Vancouver.

Participating in the Poetry Face Off, winning the Vancouver contest and getting excited about the voting has been so much fun. Regardless of the outcome I feel like I have won already. Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and enthusiasm. I hope you'll enjoy the final days of the Face Off.

question: am I dreaming?

mompoet - excited


Anonymous said...

"11:30amPST" should be "11:30amPDT".

What's an hour, between friends?

mompoet said...

You're so right! I almost forgot we're springing forward tonight. Thanks for keeping me on time!

Carol said...

I got to hear you, finally, on the clip that is.
You sound just as happy a person as you write. The crowd loved you, too. Congrats.
Will have to vote tomorrow...