Sunday, April 02, 2006

keep it or chuck it? books and videos

If the exercise bike is the common denominator for big "keep or chuck" items, books and videos have to be the the same for small ones. My husband cannot not buy videos (now dvds of course). If he worked on the film, we have it. If he enjoyed it in the theatre, we have it. If it's on sale previously viewed and there's a remote chance we might enjoy it, we have it. If the kids like it, we have it. Every year at the garage sale I unload a lot of videos (haven't convinced him to let me get started on the dvds, but maybe this year). But I can't get all high and mighty about his video compulsion when I look at some of the stupid books I have bought and kept. I have a fascination with absurd/preposterous/unlikely titles. I am curious about how some books get published, and what they must say inside. If they're in the bargain bin or on a used bookstore shelf I cannot resist. Just for the record, I have not read far enough to determine my flavour personality, but I think it must have something to do with fibre. I have dipped into a few pages of Mr. Rogers. I loved Fred Rogers. Never watched his show as a kid, but I sneaked it in while my kids were watching (or not watching). During my years as a stay-at-home mom, Fred Rogers was one of my lifelines. I am not kidding. He was really good stuff. I even wrote a letter to him once. In a time of supercharged hype and flash in kids' programming, Mr. Rogers stayed slow, gentle and genuine. His predictability comforted me. His vulnerability helped me feel safe. I loved him. I really did. (ahem)

Descriptions: Assorted books and VHS tapes, some for kids, some for adults; Value: all purchased at bargain-basement prices, now probably zero resale; secret powers: played/read backwards they reveal some pretty good tuna casserole recipes.


Keep them? or chuck them?

question: can you play VHS backwards?

mompoet - it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood


Carol said...

I would love to be at your garage sales.
Well, I think you should keep the Mr. Rogers book and get rid of all of the rest. (This said from a fellow bargain bin buyer. Ha. Try touching my books!)

Videos? I would let your Hubby decide or there could be trouble ahead.

mompoet said...

Wise words, Carol. Thanks.

Lazy Daisy said...

Keep Fred, Keep Fred, It's a wonderful day in my neighborhood!

Carol wins the "Amen" reguarding the video sales. Anytime I've gotten rid of "hubby"s" stuff ....there has been a shift in the earth's gravitational pull.

I would have expected you to be a "spicy" personality (my little pole dancer!)

mompoet said...

That's two votes for Mr. Rogers and two for treading carefully when it comes to husband-junk. Thanks Daisy for the compliment about my spicy personality. It's fun to think of myself as Szechuan Squid.