Saturday, April 29, 2006

a visualization for regret

Did you ever say or do something trivial but regrettable that made you want to press the rewind button? Even if you've dealt with whatever follow-up is needed in real life, does it come back to replay again and again in your imagination? This banishes the image loop. You can make it go away.

1. imagine the moment - picture it like it's happening inside a snowglobe the size of a grapefruit

2. hold the snowglobe in one hand, kiss it gently, then blow on it, and watch it float up in the air like a bubble

3. say, "goodbye moment, you are over"

4. when it comes back, imagine it a bit smaller and repeat the steps. each time it will be smaller and smaller until it disappears

It sounds flakey but it works. Sometimes you need to talk to your brain and play with it.

question - have you tried it?

mompoet - it works

1 comment:

Imran said...

Thanks for the advice. Will definitely try since I have got nothing to loose... except those unhappy incidents.

Have a good weekend.