Tuesday, April 25, 2006

top of the class

I am the best at dork-walking. I lapped everyone about 10 times. Our teacher, Willie Jensen, who is really a great guy and awesomely fit, told me I was ten steps ahead of everyone else, probably because I have XC skied in the past. I thought we would go out on the road but instead we walked around the perimeter of a big grassy rectangle. Halfway through we reversed direction, like at a skating rink. This allowed Willie to follow us around and give us directions and encouragement. I am working on extending my hand behind me farther as I release the pole.

It is really a humdinger of a workout. I sweated up a storm poling my way around the quad for 50 minutes. I'm wearing shorts next time.

Fiona says it's nothing to be proud of, that I'm the uber-dork in my dork-walking class. I need to tell her that maybe I'd like to get my own poles and do this myself in my own time after the class finishes. Guess I'd better do it really early in the morning or far away from our house.

question: did you ever find out you could do something that you didn't know you could do?

mompoet - I bet my dad will do this with me. We could burn up the trail around Burnaby Lake with these poles.


Carol said...

Well, you make being a dork, kinda, uh, appealing.

Rhonda said...

Well I certainly hope that you haven't told Willie that your new found fitness activity has been renamed DORK walking! That would never sell !!

mompoet said...

Hey Rhonda, I know, and I appreciate you organizing the class and even considering offering 3 more weeks so we can keep improving. It's not dork walking, and I'd never tell Willie that. I just like saying the word "dork" because it's so silly. dork dork dork there - now I have it out of my system.