Friday, April 21, 2006

day off

I took today off work. I do love my job and the way it lets me flex to be home when the kids are home. Today they both have a Pro-D Day. While the teachers attend meetings or seminars the kids get a day away from school.

Alex has to be at the church at 7 this morning. The minister is taking the youth group down to First United, our inner city mission, to help serve breakfast. This isn't how he usually spends a Pro-D. I'm glad he's getting this opportunity. We've visited First United only once before. Through our church we send money and things that help them do their job - towels, blankets, mugs for soup, food..It's a good place. No pressure to talk about God or sit through a service, but it's open all day. People are welcome to sleep in the sanctuary. They can also shower, eat, get some fresh clothes, have their feet attended to and get new socks, get a haircut, pick up mail, make phone calls, have their taxes done, or just visit and be warm and dry. Hundreds come every day. Many more volunteer. When we visited we met a man who was helped when he first came to Vancouver and had no money or place. Now he's working as a barber, and he comes to the church twice a week to cut hair for free. It's that kind of place.

Fiona gets to see the junior group at her theatre school perform "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." We're picking up some of her friends to go see a matinee set up specially for the pro d day. Fi and I will go to lunch first - something special about sitting down with just one kid at a time...

Later, Alex wants me to take him to get his book to study for his Learner's License. He turns 16 in May. whoa!

And, I want to sew one more Munchkin dress. The Wizard of Oz in in late May, early June. I'm helping make costumes. The dresses are pretty simple but there's a lot of gathering for sleeves and a voluminous skirt. That takes time to do right. They turn out mighty cute though. Don't get much chance to sew puffed sleeves these days!

Should be time for a nice supper when Andy gets home. I am on high alert right now not to leave any food out after our dog, Soleil, ate eight fresh blueberry muffins while we were at work and school on Thursday. They were in a plastic box with the lid snapped tight. She is a smart food thief! Anybody want a dog who now has blueberry farts?

Tonight the ladeez will sit down for a glass of wine and help Myrna pack up for her move at the end of the month. She's staying in the neighbourhood, thank goodness, just moving to a different unit. All in all, it looks like it will be a very nice day.

question: what do you do when you have an extra day?

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