Wednesday, April 19, 2006

They used to have one of these at Lougheed Mall Burnaby. Farrel's Ice cream Parlour. Matthew Baldwin's blog reminded me.

I remember. It was great. We sometimes went there after going to a movie at the amazing underground movie theatres at the end of the mall. I remember they had a jelly bean sandwich. Two slices of white bread, butter, honey and jellybeans. I never ate one, I just thought it was cool. I always went for as much ice cream plus goo that my mom would let me order.

Later, after Farrel's was gone, and I was old enough to serve alcohol, I waitressed at The Spag (The Old Spaghetti Factory). It had some of the hokey elan that I remember from Farrel's, but by the time I became a Spagoo, they were phasing in all kinds of nouveau dishes and streamlining some of the kitschy decor. The Spag lives on and people still go there. Even though it's been a lot of years I'm certain I can still hoist a tray with 5 lasagnas and get it to a table in seconds flat with my blouse still starchy white. (Just glad I don't have to anymore.)

I once slipped on the hardwood floor there and landed on my butt at the edge of an old rug, with a tray, a litre of house wine and 2 glasses, all still upright. Now that's waitressing! Also, I once dreamed while I was working there that the restaurant had been moved into a forest and we had to canoe from the kitchen to the tables with our trays. To get back up with the dirty dishes we had to portage. Now that's neurotic waitressing!

How'd I get here from Matthew's blog? oh well...

question: did you ever eat a jelly bean sandwich?

mompoet - thinking it was more fun to talk about than to order

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

jelly bean sandwich -- YUCK!!!