Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I am the luckiest person I know. Why I am so lucky, I will never know.
The Poetry Face Off has proved it to me again. I'm not talking about winning the Vancouver contest. I'm talking about everything around it...being nominated, finding the inspiration to write a poem to order, and most of all the response of people to the whole surreal, preposterous, lovely, delicious situation. People have voted for me. I'll never know the numbers, but I will know some of the stories. Aunt Lucy in Nairobi voted for me. Ashley Harrold in Reading UK voted for me. My sister in Eritrea blogged an appeal to friends to vote for me. My biggest fan 2 doors over, Nolan, who is 8 years old voted for me. And people got in touch with me because of the poem. My friend Ian from Chicago, on business in Toronto, turned on the rental car radio and heard the poem. People who I don't know emailed CBC and asked CBC to forward encouragement and compliments to me. People googled my name and emailed me via Poetry House. I was invited to feature at an elementary school Writers' festival. People I've known for ages who don't know I write and perform poetry were flabbergasted. I like flabbergasted! Fellow bloggers blogged about me. Some sent emails to their friends without ccing me, asking friends to vote for me without me knowing, but I found out. My husband got everyone at work to vote for me. Everyone in the cycle class asked me WHAT'S IRRESISTIBLE SUE? and I had to tell them, and they agreed. People phoned me or grabbed me and hugged me and said my poem made them cry. It has been some kind of strange unbelievable phenomenon. My cup runneth over, I am filled with joy.
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

question: how does serendipity happen?

mompoet - filled with gratitude overwhelmed by good fortune

ps Nolan, I will come cheer for you in the Olympics in 2016 or 18, depending


Carol said...

Sounds pretty wonderful to me. Here's my little welcome to add to the others.

Lazy Daisy said...

What goes around, comes around. Obviously you have been investing in people's lives all around you. Congrats on the love bounty. Regardless of the poetry outcome, you've already won!

mompoet said...

Thank you Carol and Daisy! And you're right Daisy - whichever poet wins for Canada, that will be just fine. I've got lots already!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I need your luck!! :)