Wednesday, April 12, 2006

new poem

it's windy and it's rainy and it's dark and it's bright
the length of the day is the length of the night
and i don't like this season
i don't know why
we're stuck in the middle of something
there's no moving forward and no moving back
we're circling senseless just circling senseless
i don't like this season

i don’t like…
give me burning sun or a cold winter night
give me polar ice caps and four hours of daylight
let the heat of the earth creep up through my feet
and light me on fire
but take me away
i don't like this season i don't like this day

there are reasons to leave, there are reasons to stay
the sound of my heart is the length of a day
so i’m writing down lists
and pulling up roots
shaking spiders and earwigs
from the toes of my old rubber boots

there are poems in the bible and poems in the sea
but my life’s not a poem
it’s just my reality
and i’m just writing down what’s been happening to me

i’m not fatalistic
but one thing i know
the bus comes when it comes no matter
so i stopped peering down the street
a long time ago
and i’m wondering now
would i have the strength
to step out of the way
if that bus mounted the sidewalk
and came after me

there’s a piece of a poem that is stuck to my shoe
with a thought that got started and stopped partway through
what makes me think
i have something to say
what makes me think
you would listen

i keep trying to explain why i’m bothered by spring
been happening since i was little
guess it’s just a hard-wired thing
trying to open up my paintbox to orange and grey and green
i can sense the attraction of the stuff that’s in between
but i keep turning back to blue and red, white and black
because those are the colours that speak to me

hot or cold, dark or bright
my sensor’s set for celcius
you give me fahrenheit

i know part of growing up is learning shades of grey
but my careless soul craves contrast
it’s easier that way
sizzle my eyes with your brilliance
pierce my heart when you’re gone
intensity makes sense to me
while life goes on and on and on…

question: how soon until summer?

mompoet - blurting - but that's just me

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Carol said...

That was fun!