Monday, April 17, 2006

The Good Body

I just won 6 tickets to the Vancouver opening night of Eve Ensler's The Good Body. Last week I entered a contest on CBC Radio's On the Coast show by phoning in and recording my poem "I love my thighs" on their talk-back line. So me and 5 lady friends are going to Vancouver Tuesday night to see the show! All this as I wait to hear the results of the Poetry Face Off tomorrow morning. This is too much. Like a 5 scoop ice cream cone (5 different flavours, including strawberry-jalapeno).

The poem shall remain unpublished, as it belongs to my friend Michele. I wrote it for her 35th birthday. When CBC announced the contest, I phoned Michele for permission to use the poem enter it. Of course, she'll be there to enjoy the show with me tomorrow.

Eve Ensler wrote The Vagina Monologues. Her new play is about women and body image, a topic that is most play-worthy I think. It will be such fun! What a nice treat at the end of a sort of sad Easter weekend. How lucky I am! And my thighs? I love them, I love them, I really do.

question: do you love your thighs?

mompoet - old enough to understand about these parts of mine, and to appreciate treats and surprises


Carol said...

Are you kidding? You exercise on that bike at the gym and probably do leg raise afterwards, admit it.

mompoet said...

I'm not being facetious when I say I love my thighs. I really do. But I didn't always and they have always been these thighs. They are sturdy and serviceable. Beautiful and substantial. Working out is my strategy to make them strong. Why be small when I can be strong? I do love them Carol. I am grateful for them, in fact!