Sunday, March 19, 2006

what they call things

I took Alex to Dairy Queen this afternoon for an end-of-spring-break treat. He had "Brownie Earthquake." I had a "Capuccino Skor Blizzard." I notice that a few of the foods at Dairy Queen are named after weapons or natural disasters:

"Cool Treats"
Blizzard (many varieties. Fi's favourite is "Brownie Bladder Blizzard," which I guess the teens who work at Dairy Queen are sick of hearing pre-teens order at the drive-thru)
Pecan Mudslide
(aforementioned) Brownie Earthquake

"Hot Eats"
Flamethrower Burger

Good thing they have emergency exits and give us plastic spoons.

question: do you ever think about what they call things?

mompoet - not eating any tsunamis tonight


Carol said...

No, usually I just eat it but I may now.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

We don't have Dairy Queen any more here -- have to go to Texas to find the closest one :(
My spring brake just started, so it's my week!
Not a good week, though, because I turn 40 on tuesday ----- doesn't end--