Wednesday, March 01, 2006

tight as a kite

There's this muscle of the upper back called "trapezius." It has a lot of functions around extension of the upper back and neck. It keeps the head up and moves the shoulders back and down. Without the trazpezius, we would slump forward. If we were built differently, we could use it for opening our wings to fly.

When I get tense this is where I feel it first. Today my trazpezius is talking to me. It's saying:

Hey, hey! Something's going on and you're ignoring it. I'm not going to let you.

Pain is creeping from the centre of my upper back to my shoulders. I can't find a comfortable position to stand or sit, no matter how many posture checks I do.

So I took some ubuprofen and adjusted my posture (good)
Then read the newspaper (bad)
Then I cuddled the cat and dog (good)
Now I'm sitting at the computer (bad)
But I'm blogging which makes be slow down and warm up (good)

Mostly I know I have to adjust whatever is on my mind, conscious or unconscious, and the trapezius will be a happy kite. If I don't, I'll have a stiff neck before lunchtime.

Some things that I know will help this trapezius clench:

laughing - I'm good at that!
crying - ditto
figuring out what the heck is bugging me - most important

Work is ultra-busy but that's business as usual. This bathroom thing is annoying, but not literally a pain in the neck I think. Andy is dandy and the kids are all right.

I think maybe it's the strata and the church, both going through changes due to age and finances. Both requiring strong leadership and good work by collective membership. That's never easy, especially when people have to do things like listening and consensus about problems that only they can address and only all together. As much of a people person as I am, large-group problem-solving gets me stressed. Today my mantra will be about trust and faith. After two big meetings (Sunday and Monday) I know my role, where I can act, and where I have to wait. I can pray for those so inclined and send cosmic good energy to those who are not. I can hug myself, go to the gym, gravitate to friends and family who nourish my soul, take stock of successes....

Trapezius, are you listening? I'm tuned-in. Okay?

Trapezius says: Okay, now go make sure the kids get up. I just heard an alarm clock upstairs.

question: an suggestions for a happy kite?

mompoet - trying to uncurl

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