Thursday, March 02, 2006

Too busy to cry, but laughing is working so far

After the gym yesterday (which made my thighs scream but did not impress my trapezius). I popped into the video store and grabbed a couple of dvds for after work and later. Last night, before attending another meeting at the church, I watched a fascinating documentary about some comedians talking about an old joke about vaudeville act. I laughed my guts out and felt the tight kite begin to unrumple. Tonight I will cry, because I also rented Billy Elliot. I've seen it before, but some clips that a trainer showed us in a workshop earlier this week reminded me of what a sweet and beautiful movie this is. I cried 3 times in the dark during 3 minute clips at work, so the full-length movie at home with my family ought to be the total ticket.

Now I have to go eat breakfast and walk the dog before a 7:30 dentist appointment.

question: which movie makes you laugh? which makes you cry?

mompoet - clickety clack


-R- said...

The movie "Elf" makes me laugh every time, and the movie "Rudy" makes me cry every time. I know, I'm a dork.

mompoet said...

Ain't it great being a dork? Imagine not being able to feel so intensely and so easily?

WestEnd Writer said...

'Billy Elliot' rocks. Great top ten pick.

Others might include: 'Jesus of Montreal,' and 'Babette's Feast' (for subtitle night). And maybe 'As Good as it Gets' and 'Sordid Lives' (for feel-good, be amused night). And of course, 'Love Actually' (at Christmas - Aw, c'mon. Hugh Grant doesn't get that much screen time)


mompoet said...

wew - you know I can't stand "Mr. Stammer and Blink" but if you say it's good, well maybe... I'll check out the others first. I loved "As Good as it Gets."