Monday, March 27, 2006

Keep it or Chuck It - Mom's Scary Jean Jacket

This is my jean jacket that I bought in 1986. I remember I wore it all the time to Expo '86 in Vancouver. We had season's tickets. We had a lot of fun. I think I got the Mickey Mouse pin later. Micky reminds me of Marty McFly in the movie Back to the Future (I hate that movie). I have not worn the jacket in many years.
Description: oversize big shouldered distressed denim bomber jacket (women's); size 9 with room for a puppy or two; lots of zippers (I mean LOTS!!) even pockets in the sleeves
Value: purchased for about $50 which was a lot at the time, now probably worth $5 at a garage sale; someone said I might get something for it on ebay (ebay? are you kidding?)
Secret Power: When I want my 12 year old daughter to comply with my wishes, I threaten to wear this jacket in public. She will do almost anything to make me put it back in the closet.

So now for the question:

Keep it? or Chuck it?

you decide...

mompoet - waiting for a verdict


mompoet's dad said...

Keep it at least until Fiona grows up and moves out!

mompoet's dad

fiona said...

chuck it!!!!!!!!!!!!! or just don't wear it in public!!!!

mompoet said...

1 vote for keep, one for chuck (Thanks Dad and Fi). Irene emailed me to say "keep" for sentimental value. So far it's 2:1 in favour of "keep," but not necessarily "wear."

Lazy Daisy said...

Bet I'm too late....Unless it's a love it, chuck it. I have a "jinja" house ....(small and stacked on top of each other so I don't keep anything unless i truly love it...not even for public humilation of teen age girl child!) You are such a hoot!

Will you write a solilquy for each discarded item?

mompoet said...

That's a grand idea. Maybe I'll have a tally at the end of the week.