Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tasty Tuesday

Carol, in her blog called A Revision, steers us to celebrate different days of the week with blog activities invented by fellow bloggers. I'm going to try Lazy Daisy's "Tasty Tuesday." In Lazy Daisy's own words, here's what you're supposed to do in your blog on Tasty Tuesdays:

On Tasty Tuesday I would like to focus on something non- food related to savor or relish. Something to mull over, treasure, sip, or linger longer.

This sounds like a lot of fun to me, and also easy. I always say that life should be delicious. Sometimes it's about food. More often it's about great experiences and the people with whom I share them.

This morning I am zombie-tired from staying out late at the Poetry Slam last night, but I'm going to take note of the the tastiness of my day (in terms that are not directly food-related). Tonight I'll post my relections on my blog.

Thank you Carol, for your prompt and for keeping the friendlies in touch with each other in an ever-expanding circle. Thanks Daisy, for the yummy idea.

question: what looks good on your menu today?

mompoet - always hungry, easily satisfied (brewing coffee)


Lazy Daisy said...

Thanks for trying it out!

I'm anxious to hear your reflections on the poetry.

Poetry by it very nature is "soul food!"

Carol said...

I'm waiting to hear about your tasty adventures, Mompoet.