Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Son: Mom, When will we get rid of those toilets in the back yard? We look like hillbillies!

Mom: Pretty soon. We're waiting until all the work is done, then we'll make one trip to the dump with everything.

Son: But Mom, the grass is growing. It looks like hillbillies live here.

Mom: Well, actually I was thinking we could keep the toilets and move them to the front yard. One we can fill with water so when people are walking their dogs on hot days they can stop for a drink. The other, we'll plant flowers in it.

Son: Mommmmm...

Mom: Yup, and we'll get one of those garden gnomes. It will be a peeing gnome. And it will have to stand on a little stool in front of the toilet because it's a regular size toilet.

Son: Nooo Mommmmm!

Mom: Hey, it could be a toadstool. A gnome on a toadstool peeing into a toilet planter. Wouldn't that be nice?

Son: You're kidding, right?

Mom: What do you think?

question: why do kids ask their moms these questions?

mompoet - working on the laughing part


Carol said...

You have good ideas!

The CBC radio programs are only broadcast in BC. My husband thinks I might be able to hear it through the internet.
According to, On the Coast is on from 3-6 pm. Is that what you have?
I couldn't find North by Northwest on the schedule though. I don't want to miss it!

mompoet said...

You can get CBC broadcasts from any city via the internet.
Click on site #23 - Vancouver and you should be able to hear the show. On the Coast is M-F 3-6pm PST. North by Northwest is Sat/Sun 6-9am PST. The poetry face off is supposed to be on NbyNW on Sunday March 5 between 8and 9am PST. I hope you can find it Carol.