Saturday, August 18, 2007

vacation begins

I meant to begin my vacation at suppertime Thursday, but I had a few things left to do, and a supper date with Andy, and my Mom and Dad at 6:30. Mom and Dad treated us to a szechuan meal in honour of our 23rd wedding anniversary. So I stopped working, and just enjoyed time with my husband and parents.

Friday I sneaked back into the office for a couple hours just to be sure everything was in good shape for my work partners, Mary Anne and Mary Anne, who are taking care of things in my area while I am away. Thank you Mary Annes!

On the way home from work I bought a great new tablecloth for the dining room. I like fabrics and colours and rearranging things to look a little different. Our home is small, but bright and friendly. It's amazing what a difference a tablecloth or candle or picture can make to give a room a new little spark of energy and comfort. I also stocked up on fruits and veggies, then turfed out the layabout leftovers and reorganized the fridge. I want to do some cooking while I'm on vacation. When we go away, I think it's cooking that I miss the most. As well as providing good stuff for my family, cooking makes me feel relaxed and centred. It's a creative and productive effort that I find deeply satisfying.

I was thinking about attending the Maple Ridge Poetry Slam Friday evening, but I got a call from my neighbour Cathy. She asked if I wanted to meet with the neighbours for supper on the street so I decided to stay home for this spontaneous block party. It was great getting outside with all of our friends from the neighbourhood, and the supper was yummy.

Last night was Alex's first night at his new job. He's doing night shift sweeping at the PNE for the next 2 weeks. I drove him to the fairgrounds just before midnight, then came home and crashed. I was up again at 6 to go pick him up. So much for sleeping in during vacation! We'd rather drive him than risk having him drive home tired, so it's either us or the bus, depending on whatever is happening that day. He told me that work was "easier than I thought because everything is well lit up." I guess he was concerned about working in the lonely dark, but he's part of a crew of workers, so it should be okay.

This morning I will lounge with the Saturday paper after I decide whether I want watermelon or cantaloupe for breakfast (I love summer). This afternoon I'm going to the church to help with the Gogos storytelling session. Fiona returns from her week away this afternoon, and Alex works again tonight. Maybe we'll go out to a movie, or maybe we'll rent one. Right now our two weeks are stretching out ahead like a happy forever. I like this feeling.

question: which do you prefer - cantaloupe or watermelon?

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