Wednesday, August 22, 2007

skytrains and art

Mom and I visited the Monet to Dali show at the Vancouver Art Gallery for a second look on Tuesday. The show was significantly busier than when it first opened, which is good. We could still see the works. I spent most of my time with the surrealists. I like that stuff. We also listened to the 30 minute "show talk" in which the some of the paintings were discussed in the context of the politics/traditions/artistic values of the time. That was very helpful. It explained why some of these images that we find wonderfully familiar were so revolutionary when they were created and first presented.

We also looked in on the Circle Craft Surface design show at the Pendulum gallery. Mom saw some work there by friends of hers. It's a small but interesting show, combining fibre, ceramic and glass pieces.

On the way home I rendezvoused with my friend Jody at a skytrain station to pick up some poems that have been submitted for Poet's Corner at Word on the street. Jody had to wait about half an hour for me to intersect with her, so she got off the train at Burnaby Lake and picked blackberries. I think Jody is resourceful and wonderful.

Then I got home and ate supper with the family. Everyone is all excited about a new camera that Andy just bought - a Canon. The kids know how to use it already, and I'll figure it out soon. Look out for some new photos on the blog.

After supper, Alex drove me to the skytrain and I went downtown all over again for a Poetry Slam Family meeting. We discussed some rules and procedures and pondered whether to make our slam into a weekly event. It was good to see so many people with definite and positive ideas for the slam. We don't meet often as an organizing group, but we put on a great show. I think the time is right for some restructuring to spread the work of organizing out. We definitely have the talent and interest here right now.

Andy picked me up at the skytrain around 10pm. It was a busy, happy day, mostly about art and partly about transit. I got my money's worth out of my daypass.

question: did you ever have a zigzag day?

mompoet - good zag, yes it was

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