Sunday, August 05, 2007


Alex and I are in the home stretch of our read-aloud Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Project. So far we have been fortunate to avoid any spoilers, although most of the people around us know what happens at the end. I have avoided surfing to any websites that might have unannounced spoilers. Wouldn't that be an awful way to find out?

So far this final novel is not disappointing us, although it has a very long setup (past halfway through the book, by my analysis). Now we're hurtling toward the conclusion so the reading rate has accelerated. In the meantime, if I begin to hear anybody discussing it, I just plug my ears and sing "LALALALALALA!"

question: did you read it?

mompoet - please don't tell the ending


Imran said...

I have no idea how this last one is going to end up. Rumors here and there, but nothing definite about the ending.

I am not reading it, but I forked out S$48.00 for the hardcover for my son. He is half way through too.

I will wait for the film.

PS: Thank you for stopping by and giving me much needed boost from my low moments. I appreciate it very much.

Have a great read, have a great week ahead.

Lazy Daisy said...

totally loved it, all my kids read it (even my non-reader son) and even Mr. Wonderful (he read the entire book in 6 hours!)

You won't be disappointed!