Saturday, August 18, 2007

referring links

One of the interesting things about having a counter on my blog is I can find out how people found my blog, or at least the last place they went that pointed them here. Sometimes it's another blog, but often it's google, which means someone found me randomly while googling a fairly obscure topic. Well, obscure enough for my blog to show up on the first page of a google search. Today I think I found the capper search string so far:

Cooking Lessons sassenach draco hermione (googled by someone using an Australian ISP)

I wonder what that person was looking for? Interestingly, in June and July there were a rash of referrals (from various parts of the world) from people googling

celebrity overbites

And I have received visits from people in various places googling


These google searches have led to my posts about Harry Potter, my obsession with famous people with cute overbites, and a post about one of Andy and Tom's reno projects at our house that left us totally toilet-less for part of a day. I hope the people who visited got what they were looking for, and if not, they found it somewhere else.

The counter doesn't actually tell you who it is, unless it's someone whose IP address you have memorized. So far I haven't done any of that. I just find it interesting to find out how someone in Saudi Arabia came across my blog. Then I discover he/she was just looking for a post combining jellyfish and dental floss, and think, "Oh well, I guess not many people post about that topic so here I am!"

question: to whom to you refer, and from whom have your referrals come?

mompoet - point of reference, although I sometimes miss the point

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