Monday, August 20, 2007


I thought I was looking forward to sleeping in during my vacation. Then I remembered that Alex is working nights at the fair for the whole 2 weeks, so I will be getting up every morning at 6am to go pick him up and bring him home. He's driving now, and could have my car overnight, but he's concerned about driving home tired. I think this is good. He's a new driver, and I appreciate his caution.

So I get up at 6, let the dog out, feed the noisy cat and the smiling dog, make some coffee and drive into Vancouver. The fair is still in slumber mode when I arrive, with only security guards and one lone parking attendant to let me in to where Alex and I rendezvous. He is heavy-headed when I meet him, staying awake for the 15 minute drive home, then crashing immediately when we get into the house. So far he's been sleeping 7 hours straight and grabbing an after-supper nap, so I think he'll manage the nights okay. He hopes to do well enough this summer to apply for a transfer to a day job next season.

Every morning on the way home I think that I'll just go back to bed when we arrive at 7:25am, but so far I have not. There's something extra luxurious about our quiet house early in the morning. Everyone is sleeping. Even the cat and dog, full-tummied and comfortable, are snoozing. So I can savour a cup of coffee and curl up in the couch and read. I try to be as quiet as I can so they'll sleep longer. It's that nice.

I have never lived by myself. I moved from my mom and dad's place to living with Andy in my last year of university, then we got married, then we had kids. Except for a couple of times before we had babies, when Andy went away for a weekend with his friends, I have not even spent a night in any place all by myself. I wouldn't trade Andy and kids for the world, but I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a place that is just mine, and the choice to be with people or all by myself. I suspect I would like it for a short time, but I would be lonely and end up finding a room mate and/or a pet pretty quick.

I guess these early mornings are the best of both worlds - all the peace and quiet I really need, with people who I love waiting around the edges for the happy, busy noisiness that is our every day. I'm glad I have both close at hand.

question: do you like mornings?

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

I love the early morning too, mp. My treat is getting up early, putting the coffee on and reading either the newspaper or a book I am working on. It doesn't happen as often now with work for the three out of the four of us but I take the time when I can.