Tuesday, August 28, 2007

endless summer poundcake

We're still close enough to the middle of 2 weeks at home that the time (and possibility of adventure/relaxation/surprises) seems infinite, or if not infinite, at least vast.

How's that for a t-shirt slogan?

I may not be infinite, but I am vast!

Maybe not.

Anyway, we had a home day yesterday. Alex slept then went out for a haircut. Andy shopped and got some photofinishing done, then bumped into his cousins at Costco and ended up at their motorhome parked in a park in Burnaby for some drinks. I scrubbed and scraped and ensured adequate provisions for a Tuesday barbeque lunch. Fiona returned from one sleepover and packed for sleepover number two in the endless summer sleepover tour. In between dusting and blasting and tossing out things that we don't need, I walked the dog, read a book, posted blog about 4 times (my favourite procrastination). While supper was cooking I baked a lemon pound cake to serve with barbeque lunch. It turned out yummy with blueberries and vanilla ice cream.

After supper Kirsi and I had a glass of wine out on the road while it got dark. Our neighbour Sonya stopped by and told us about the lunar eclipse, and I thought I would wake up and look at it at 3am, but I didn't. I love things in the sky, and I actually opened my eyes and looked at the clock at 3, but I just couldn't do it.

I woke up at 6 this morning, and drove to the PNE to pick up Alex and bring him home. Then I walked the dog again. Then it was time to pick up Fiona and visit the orthodontist then drop her off at another friend's house. Then I came home and we had a barbeque lunch at our house with Andy's cousins and their grandson. Then they borrowed my car to visit with friends so they don't have to unhook their motorhome just to go for coffee.

Tomorrow we will have some kind of adventure. On Thursday I think I'm going back to the PNE for Alex's day off (we will max out the rides at night, which is a lot of fun). And I'll be at the PNE again on Sunday because Fi and Shannon have been invited to perform in the Talent Show's "Parade of Champions" along with a few other good acts that didn't make the finals.

In the meantime I have a couple more books to read and at least one more movie to see, and a bit of back-to-school shopping to help with, and the dog might need to be walked again, and that recipe made a large amount of poundcake so I might have to go find some neighbours to help with it and the blueberries.

question: is it really endless?

mompoet - please don't tell me the truth - I am enjoying the illusion (or perhaps the delusion)

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