Monday, August 06, 2007

Eritrean Coffee Ceremony Part 2

When the coffee is ready, some incense is lit, and three spoonfuls of sugar are placed in each tiny cup. The coffee is poured in a continuous stream to each of the cups, and served, first to the eldest person present and then to everyone. Everyone must sip and pronounce it "Good coffee!" or Barb might just dump everything out and begin again so that it will please us all.

The coffee is sweet and strong (Barb said she made it not as strong as in Eritrea) and very nice.

Treats are popcorn, cookies and candies, first tossed around the room to feed the witches in the house, then served to us to enjoy with the coffee.

The coffee is re-brewed and poured again for a total of three rounds. Guests must drink coffee in all three rounds. It is not polite to stop or leave before the ceremony has been completed.

Kim dressed like a Muslim man in Eritrea, and we listened to Eritrean music while we enjoyed our coffee ceremony.

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