Thursday, August 30, 2007


I am at what I think is a Slam Family meeting at a big poetry tournament. There are about 100 people clustered into a hotel conference room, sitting on chairs around the perimeter and on the floor. It's a friendly gathering with lots of people talking and listening. I notice a women interpreting the proceedings into sign language for one or two of the meeting's participants. I realise I'm part of the tournament planning group, and think, "hmmm, we should put up some kind of visual/interactive/graffiti banner so people can record their thoughts and poetic responses to the event in a way that non-hearing people can appreciate." Then I notice that 3 or 4 people are seated near to the interpreter lady, then 6, 7, 8. I notice that the interpreter is conversing only with the signing participants - not out to the rest of the group. Pretty soon more than half of the participants are signing to each other and following the interpreter, rather than participating in the conversation with the group as a whole. The people who have been talking begin to take notice of this. Some get upset and leave. "This isn't what we came for!" they say. I want them to stay. I am left in the room with people who are signing with each other. I am not part of the conversation.

question: what do dreams tell us about ourselves?

mompoet - nocturnal story-dreamer

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