Friday, August 17, 2007

shifting into the ending days of summer

By lunchtime today I will be on vacation. Last year we took that road trip to California for 2 weeks. The minute vacation started we were in the car and adventuring, right up to 24 hours before time to return to work and school. It was marvelous and I missed home.

This is a good thing. This summer we don't have the funds for a vacation (last summer's required about 4 years of saving and planning). This year we're vacationing at home. Luckily, we live in a place where people pay tons of money to come and stay and visit. We're going to have some fun day trips and also enjoy our home.

Alex has a 2-week job at the PNE. Fiona finally has some time off when she's not in an all-day camp or out of town visiting with friends (she's been on Vancouver Island all this week, with a friend).

Andy and I have been looking forward to a break from work. We have a few places in mind that we'd like to visit for day trips. It will be nice to sleep past 3:45am (Andy) and 6am (me). I have a list of movies I want to see, and a pile of books I want to read. Near the end of the month, my brother and his wife and children will visit from Prince Rupert.

So far the summer has sped by, full of work and fun and way too fast. Now we're going to make it slow down, and enjoy the last part in a different way.

question: how is the end of the summer looking for you?

mompoet - my deck is calling me, just let me grab my book and iced tea. there.

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