Thursday, August 30, 2007

the swoop of late summer daylight

On the first morning of my vacation it was light outside when I got up to drive to the fair to pick up Alex from his night job there. Now it is dark at the same time of morning.

Check the sunrise and sunset times for August - the change is remarkable over the course of just a couple of weeks.

We have been enjoying late suppers during our vacation. When we began our days off, the dishwasher was loaded and we could go out on the deck and it was still light. We face east, so no sunset, but it was still light. Now it is dark by the time the kitchen is all squared away. Luckily we have beautiful patio lights, and the evenings are still warm and inviting.

Soon we will reach the equinox, the culmination of summer's decline. From the first day of the sunny season there is less and less light. The good thing is, from there we speed into darkening, darkening, darkening until we reach the exciting and wonderful winter solstice.

question: do you notice the change in the light?

mompoet - sunny inside and out, but loving the deep dark of winter nights even more

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