Wednesday, October 25, 2006

thank you dr. bruce

I got that tooth fixed. Not broken after all. Just decayed. My excellent dentist knows I like to watch so he gave me the mirror whenever I wanted to look. Tooth decay is pinky/brown and yukky. Ooooohhh! such fun to look at! Now I have a beautiful white filling that looks like the day the tooth first erupted. Now I can crunch an ice cube without screaming. Yayyyy! Thank you wonderful dentist!

By the way, while I was not watching the tooth decay and the amazing white stuff and the magical filling-hardening-light I watched my favourite close-caption television. I know I could do this at home, but I save it for a treat at the dentist. The close-caption simultaneous translator must have a very difficult job. The guy on the morning show was interviewing a guest from Science World. They were making SLIME for Halloween. But the close-caption guy did not know how to spell slime, so they were making "slim" for the whole segment. I was killing myself laughing. Do not laught immediately after the dentist injects novocaine. You will feel the novocaine in your elbow. Honest. Also, don't do it while he is drilling. I think I am now in Dr. Bruce's nuisance patient book. Also, the close caption translator captioned "ameliorate" like this: AMELIE OR ATE............AMELIORATE. (I could just hear him/her saying "OH CRAP!")

I still want that job.

question: have you been to the dentist lately?

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