Monday, October 16, 2006

oh my gosh

I just watched Kandahar. It was beautiful and surprising and very sad. I am enjoying this movie-watching project of mine. One of the scenes that got me in the movie: a man who just scammed a crappy pair of artificial legs tries to sell them to a man who has legs. Who knows? there are land mines everywhere. It's good to have a spare pair with you just in case.

I need to watch some really funny ones now, for a break. Also everyone who is reading my crying poem is contacting me to find out if I'm really okay. I'm really okay. Really. Toss me a funny movie. I'm ready for laughing.

question: what's your pick for something funny that is not made in Canada or the US?

mompoet - thinking a lot about Afghanistan and looking forward to a day when funny movies will come from there. Can you imagine the Afghan version of Bollywood. Yes! In our lifetimes, I pray.

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