Friday, October 13, 2006

bad dreams

The brakes don't work on my car, and there's an Indie road race happening in the parking lots along the route where I'm driving, with race cars darting across the road I'm driving and flag-people are trying to get me to stop to let the race cars through and I can't and the kids are in the car with me. My car goes forward and back like someone is moving it with a remote control.

A new houseplant. Someone pushes a button and laughs and the "Little Shop of Horrors" flower spins off the plant like a helipcopter and buzzes around my head and lands and now it's a bug with a green grasshopper head and it bites me on the hand. Everyone is laughing and thinking it's funny and cute but it hurts and I am scared.

question: what do dreams mean?

mompoet - needing to let go of some stress, I think

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