Saturday, October 28, 2006

frightened by tall lights

They're filming Alien vs Predator on the back street of Port Moody every night. By day it's a busy commuter route. By night it's a movie set. There are explosions, army tanks, smashed cars, dressing room trailers, police cars and orange cones and barricades everywhere. The worst part is the big giant lights on cranes. There are two big lights, as bright as soccer field lights, but horrifyingly temporary and tall and skinny. They disappear in the daytime. At night they sway in the breeze, 5 or 6 storeys above street level, not really crooked and not really straight. They remind me of the creatures in the the movie War of the Worlds. Their scale is scary. Their light is scary. I will be glad when they are gone.

question: what frightens you?

mompoet - don't walk into the light

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