Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Body Worlds

I have signed up to go on a middle school field trip to Science World, including a visit to the Body Worlds exhibit. It's controversial. I admire the science teacher for taking the kids. They'll have the option (vetted by parents) to see the Body Worlds exhibit or not while they are there.

I am fascinated by how the human body works. I think it will be very interesting to see this exhibit. I believe that when you die, your body is as useful to you as your car or your clothing. What's intensely important in your life on earth is the opposite in the next life. If people want to donate their bodies to an exhibit, and other people want to see them, I think that's okay.

I am an organ donor. My family knows that I would like everything useful that's left of me donated, including the option to donate my used car of a body to a med school. I don't want to be plastinated, but mostly because the idea might upset surviving family members. Also, I've heard there's a waiting list to be in the show, so I'll leave it to those who really want that.

question: what do you think of this?

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