Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lotsa Movies

On Thursday, Cathy and I went to the Afghan Film Festival at Inlet Theatre in Port Moody. While we were there we enjoyed the wearable art show, which included a natural turf bra, which no doubt needed watering through the run of the exhibit.

Although the festival schedule promised two short movies we were treated to three, Kabul Cinema, Shabnum and Gulchera. In between the movies two hosts answered questions and gave background information to help put the works in perspective. All three films were very sad. All three featured children as their main characters. Of the three, I enjoyed Kabul Cinema the best. It's the story of a boy who loves the movies so much that he salvages a projector and some reels of film from the burned ruins of the Kabul Cinema. He constructs a miniature cinema on wheels to show bits of movies to himself and anyone willing to pay. The writer and director is Mirwas Rekab, who also made Osama. We felt like we had enjoyed a rare treat to see these films and to hear them discussed by the hosts and audience members.

So now I've rented Kandahar, but I haven't watched it yet.

This morning I watched Nobody Knows from Japan. It's beautiful and heart-breaking.

So many movies, so little time.

question: seen any good shows lately?

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mompoet's dad said...

Your mother and I saw Little Miss Sunshine, Thanksgiving Day afternoon. It's much better than some of its reviews would indicate.

mompoet's dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Mompoet -

I'm reading a book written by Nelofer Pazira who is in the movie
Kandohar. A very good read. I come across many things that were referred to at the film festival. I can pass it on to you once I'm finished.

From down the street!